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What got you into American Football to start with? Did you play any contact sport beforehand? 


I played most of the sports at one point or another; Football, Rugby, Cricket. When I started University I wanted to join a sport, saw my university was looking to set up a team so I looked to try out and the rest is history. 

What was your career like at the UniBall Level? 


A challenging yet fun career. Challenging in the sense of being part of a team of in its first 3 years of existence, winning 1 game over 2 competitive seasons, and mostly playing ironman football (playing offence and defence). But fun in the sense you would always come out of a game with memories you created with your team mates you can always look back on years down the line.


Why did you start coaching American Football? 


I wanted to give back to the sport that has taught me a lot. Being able to coach players new to the sport, help them get the same and or better experiences that I have gotten out of it. I enjoy various aspects of teaching, but never wanted to become your traditional school teacher, so this was the next best thing. Combining that with a sport I enjoy just made sense.

What advice would you have for a person interested in playing American Football?  


I would be open to every thing in the sport. When in comes to American football, there is no better online media resource than Youtube. It will be your best resource to help you understand the game more.


What are you looking forward to the most this season with the City Wolfpack? 


I am looking forward to contributing to the development of new players and coordinating a new offence.

Favourite NFL Team and why? 


Baltimore Ravens - because not many people I knew supported them, and I like to go against the trend. That and Ed Reed was the first player I enjoyed watching.

Favourite NFL Player and why?


Ed Reed - I am somewhat a fan of the art of deception, Ed Reed was a player who I always thought portrayed this, especially when it came to INT.