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What got you into American Football to start with? Did you play any contact sport beforehand?

American Football came to me as part of my North American heritage, although Canadian Football has slightly different rules. I played a little in high school and then tried for the practice squad for my university team but didn’t make it. I played Rugby in high school as well but the thrills and enjoyment don’t come close to the adrenaline of American Football. American Football is unique in itself.

What was your career like at the UniBall Level?

Almost non existent in Canada as in the UK . As I said earlier I tried out back in Canada for my college’s practice squad (McGill Redmen). My college plays in a tough division with two very strong college teams. One of the teams in my college’s division is the Laval Rouge et Or ( equivalent of having Alabama Crimson Tide in your division if you know College Ball).


At City I played one game for the City Sentinels ( founding predecessors of the Wolfpack). I can proudly say I registered one solo tackle on a receiver who ran a 5 and out. You can check the video it's the early 2017 game against KCL.


Why did you start coaching American Football?

I was always more of a thinker than an actual athlete. I always enjoyed teaching others in improving their game rather than actually improving my own performances. I enjoy all different aspects of coaching from the people side to the technical side and my personal qualities fit those aspects.


I really believe that lessons you learn in American Football are also lifelong lessons that can help you develop as a professional in any career.


What advice would you have for a person interested in playing American Football?  

Keep an open mind and be attentive to the advice the coaches give. Every piece of advice can improve you as an american football player. Also, don’t ever be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure about any aspects of the game. The coaching staff are all very knowledgeable.


If you are truly interested in improving yourself as an athlete or a sportsperson then really look at the game tapes onlines. This is because you can pick up small details that you might miss during practice.


What are you looking forward to the most this season with the City Wolfpack?

I am very lucky to firstly become officially the DB coach which is going to be a very big personal challenge. Also, the DB unit is having a lot of quality athletes return so that will be fun to take the unit to the next level and play like the LEGION OF BOOM! (That’s right and I stand by that comparison)


For the team as a whole, I am looking forward to the competing and performance every week at practice. I am very excited to teach new people and help bring the DB unit to new heights.

Favourite NFL Team and why?

As a north east coast guy I am a diehard New England Patriots fan. I think the Patriots are an organization that everyone aspires to become as they demonstrate stability and excellence at the highest level of a sport. Belichick is the best american football coach of all time for his complete dedication to the sport and one of the best sports coaches in sports history (bar none!). In life if you aspire for continuous excellence and maintain that at a very high level  you need to focus on the task at hand and have outstanding preparation. This taught me that in life success never occurs without preparation. The Patriots are the masters of preparation and that is illustrated by their 5 Superbowls in 18 years.

Favourite NFL Player and why?

Obviously for all Patriot fans there is only one…. Number 12…. TB12. The GOAT! For those not attuned to American Football the name Tom Brady probably rings a bell. He has been a personal idol of mine since I was about 12 years old. I really recommend to watch the Brady 6 on Youtube to get a sense of his story. I could write my own book as to why he is my favorite player but he truly is an inspiration for always having the courage to never back down from any challenge and also have the drive day in and day out. He has the commitment to perform to the very highest level of the game and outplays others who are much younger than him. Also, his work ethic is probably the best out of any NFL player right now.