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What got you into American Football to start with? Did you play any contact sport beforehand?


I never really played any contact sports growing up, my main sport was always cricket because I was never great at contact sports and I grew up in a cricket-mad house. I got into the sport by chance because one day I was scrolling through channels and stumbled across an NFL game on Sky Sports and gradually started to watch the game more and more. Initially, I was fascinated with the idea that the routes being ran were all part of a pre-designed 'play' and that the job on defense was to come up with a play of their own to try and stop the other team. This underlying tactical battle being played out on the pitch was what originally drew me towards the sport.

What was your career like at the UniBall Level?


Well, nonexistent because unlike most people that pick up playing the sport at university, I went straight into coaching and started out last season as an assistant for the team. Playing isn't something that I am interested in doing in the short term but you never know, I still have a couple years worth of eligibility left so maybe I'll kit up for a game in my final year.


Why did you start coaching American Football?


I started coaching after being involved on the team for a few weeks. At the beginning I was just helping out wherever the team needed me but then I began to realise that the best way for me to help the team would be by helping players improve. So I got myself onto a level one course as fast as I could and have been trying to coach at different levels for different teams ever since.

What advice would you have for a person interested in playing American Football?  

There's a lot of different aspects to the game so don't be afraid to give it a go, we can find a spot for everybody. If you're new to the game then I'd say to be coachable, it can take some time to learn something new so listen to and trust in your coaches to help you build and develop your skills.

What are you looking forward to the most this season with the City Wolfpack?


Probably the new system we have that is designed to integrate rookies and senior players. Look out for more details about that system in the future.

Favourite NFL Team and why?


I don't have a favourite team. If London was to ever be granted a franchise, and I don't count the Jaguars visiting once a year, then I would support the London franchise.

Favourite NFL Player and why?

I'm going to cheat a bit here and rather than name a favourite player I'm going to name a favourite coach; Kyle Shanahan. He's a great, young coach that is showing you don't need to be a player to be a great coach. His style of coaching is something I really like too as he's all about trying to get the most out of his players and that's what I think a good coach does.