What got you into American Football to start with? Did you play any contact sport beforehand?

I started learning the game in my teens and then found an American Football team once I started studying at the University of Brighton. Hadn't really participated in any contact sports prior to that, but I really wanted to give football a go.

What was your career like at the UniBall Level?

I played three very different seasons with Brighton Tsunami. Playing time was limited in my first year as I was still learning the game, but come second year I was a starting receiver. We became undefeated conference champions and I notched myself a playoff touchdown before being knocked out in the National Quarter Finals. Third year saw us playing in the top division of UniBall, which was a big step up. We were relegated but it was great experience to be playing at that level. 


Why did you start coaching American Football?


I stayed in Brighton following my graduation and decided I wanted to help out the Tsunami. Given I couldn't play anymore, I thought I'd try and pass on my experience to the next crop of players. Naturally, I gravitated toward coaching the wide receivers. 

What advice would you have for a person interested in playing American Football?  


Watch it. Learn it. Play it. Find your nearest club, whether it be kitted or flag, and get involved. I guarantee you'll never have more fun playing a sport than this one. 

What are you looking forward to the most this season with the City Wolfpack?

Being new, I'm looking forward to getting a taste of what City Wolfpack Football's like, what the division's like too. I can't wait to see the hard work, planning, and learning transition from the training pitch into big plays for us on a Sunday.  


Favourite NFL Team and why?


Miami Dolphins. I began watching the game in 2008 and the Dolphins were decimating the Patriots with the Wildcat formation, using two legendary running backs in Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. It was brilliant to watch. Plus, what's not to love about Miami? 


Favourite NFL Player and why?

To watch, it would probably be Jarvis Landry. I love his intensity and the way he plays the game. He's a receiver I'd tell anybody to model themselves on.