What got you into American Football to start with? Did you play any contact sport beforehand?


I remember watching one of those videos that we have all seen with the big hits and thinking this is something I'd like to get involved in. When I went to university I wanted to join the American football team but there wasn't one as joint institution teams were no longer permitted. I along with some others set out to create a team at the university. Luckily there was a local team, the Leicester Falcons who I went along to train and play with while we got the Uni team up and running. 


Growing up I wasn't the most sporty kid but I played football and basketball along with some cricket in school. Prior to American Football the only form of contact sport I had taken part in was Tae Kwon Do.

What was your career like at the UniBall Level?


Beneficially Challenging. I played my first year of Uniball with a newly formed team DMU Falcons team, so that came with its own challenges of leading my team mates while also still getting to grips with the game. I was then with the LSBU Spartans for a number of years, where I developed as a football player having to play both sides of the ball at a number of positions and also started the transition into coaching. 

Why did you start coaching American Football?

For me coaching came about naturally having been in situations that required me to lead and often being one of the more experienced players/people on a team, I started off as a player/coach and progressed from that point. My passion for the game and knowing the transferable benefits you get from the sport also played a part.

What advice would you have for a person interested in playing American Football?  


Give it a go! You'll enjoy it. Put your doubts and any fears you may have of being too small/unfit/not knowing the rules to the back of your head and you WILL enjoy the sport. The coaches are there to teach you all you need to know and once you get into it there is unlimited resources on the internet/YouTube in the form of games and drills for you to watch that will only make you further enjoy the sport. There is a role for everyone on an American Football team.


What are you looking forward to the most this season with the City Wolfpack?


I look forward to being around and involved in the game of American Football. More so, I look forward to seeing the development of the players over the year not just as football players but also as people.


Favourite NFL Team and why?


Baltimore Ravens - The initial reason was Ray Lewis (starting off as a LB I watched a countless number of his videos to learn and develop), but I then aligned with the team philosophy and style of play.


Favourite NFL Player and why?


Ray Lewis. Just watching him play would make you love the game.